Monday, December 4

Dont' get a cheap safe

Safes come in all types and sizes. So do alarm systems for that matter, but if you want a safe that will actually stop (or at least slow down) a burglary, then get a good one. I just read an article on the TCPalm news web site which talked about a church that was burglarized for over $37,000.00

The money was taken from the church's vault, and Toth said all the systems had been correctly secured. "The vault was double-locked, the buildings were locked and the alarm system was set when the last person left Sunday night. The alarm was still on Monday morning."

The burglary was discovered by Deacon John Kucera at about 7:15 Monday morning, when he went to the vault and the money wasn't there.

Although Toth would not reveal exactly how the burglar or burglars gained entry to the building, he did say there are hatches in the roof that go into the equipment rooms.

I am not sure of all the details of this particular burglary, but it would seem to me that either the safe was not very good (they call it a vault, but who knows) or someone had the inside scoop on the combination. Some burgarly safe features are thought of by customers as simply up-sell items. Items the salesman is attempting to push you into, but this isn't really the case with most of the upgrades on a safe. For example, if the safe in this situation had an electronic lock, the priest, knowing that more than the average amount was going to be in that box for one evening, could have reset the combination very simply, to something only he knew, and then, once the money was back out and distributed, changed the combination back.

Doing this with a normal dial lock isn't very easy.

Safe ratings are important as well. U.L Burglary Ratings are something that should be on every safe you purchase. If it wasn't tested (or worse didn't pass the testing) then it really can't be relied on as anything more than an expensive metal box.

Fire Ratings are also something you should at least be aware of when purchasing a safe for your business. Most insurance companies give some fairly decent cuts for those that have fire rated burglary safes in their business.

A good fire rated, burglary safe can cost as little as $200.00. Not very big, but good enough for most personal needs. Just because it is a rated, well made safe from a professional maker such as AMSEC or Browning, doesn't mean that it is over the top in cost. Take some time to look around, and if you want some help, contact us, we would be happy to insure that you get the best safe for you money.


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