Friday, December 2

What we really need to focus on. "It is pretty safe to assume that when George W. Bush ran for president four years ago, pledging to be “a uniter, not a divider,” he did not have Democrats in mind. Yet the unified commitment with which the Party faithful have fallen in lockstep behind Massachusetts Senator John Kerry is one of the president’s most unquestionable achievements. Political observers often remark that they have not seen Democrats so united for as long as they can remember."

What we really need in office right now is a group of people who do the best thing, rather than the best thing for their own party. There has never been a "rein" of power for the polictal parties, and there never should be. I would bet money that if we focused on the "best thing" rather than the "best thing for me" the parties would switch back and forth just as they have always done in the past, only our country would be much wholer, without the need to sacrafice our children on the alter of egos.


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