Sunday, November 20

have any good solutions in your head lately?

Google Answers: Preventing Dreaming

I would like to find information on how i can prevent myself from
dreaming, or from remembering my dreams. I am a light sleeper and tend to remember my dreams quite often which has a big impact on my day to day life as sometimes my dreams are quite harrowing.
I used to suffer from stress-related insomnia as a teenager but found many helpful techniques that have helped. I suffer very little stress or unhappiness in my life now and i have good relationsips with my partner/family/friends so just 'relaxing' as my doctor suggests isnt helping!

I would like any information that can be found on dreaming and the
prevention of it, and will happily tip anyone who can help me.

This is one of those moments you might consider thanking what ever God or Creator or Intelligence you might believe in, that there isn’t an answer for you, because someone might have given it to you if there was, and you would go mad and die.

It is amazing to me what some people see as problems, but what truely puts me on my ear is what some people see as solutions.


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