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Mobbing - Raising the Awareness of women victims

Mobbing is a phenomenon which started to be identified in the early 1980s and from there on spread more and more across Europe. It can be defined as frequent harassment, 'torment' or discrimination and exclusion in the workplace by colleagues and/or superiors over a relatively long period.

Mobbing is a significant issue as it occurs among both genders, within every age and occupational group and within all branches and fields of work. Nevertheless, several studies show that young women are at a higher risk of being mobbed than men. Thus, our work aims to analyse mobbing among women and especially problems and consequences of being a mobbed female employee which means addressing all the difficulties connected to gender to obtain equal opportunities in the workplace, plus dealing with the subtle and not yet well identified issue of mobbing.

Mobbing can be described as an emotional abuse carried out in the workplace by means of regular attacks by colleagues or employers. The strategies which the mobber uses are different and in the worst cases even sabotage or illegal actions are possible. The aim of mobbing is to get rid of a person who is, or has become, somehow "inconvenient", by destroying them psychologically and socially and it may ultimately lead to dismissal.

Mobbing has very serious consequences on health as it can lead to psychological harm and occupational illness with depressive and psychosomatic symptoms, and so the victim can suffer different kinds of emotional breakdown.

Enterprises are damaged because the performance of both the mobbed and the mobber in the workplace is reduced. Society as a whole is damaged as mobbing has very high social and health costs, and can lead to the need for medical treatment or early retirement.


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