Monday, May 16

Religious Leaders Agree on Role of Mary

ABC News: Religious Leaders Agree on Role of Mary: "SEATTLE May 16, 2005 — A group of Roman Catholic and Anglican leaders studying the role of Mary, the mother of Jesus, said Monday that after years of talks they have agreed that Catholic teachings on the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption of Mary into heaven are consistent with Anglican interpretations of the Bible."

If you don't know about this, it is referring to the Catholic dogma pronounced in 1854 that Mary not only was the mother of Jesus, but that she herself was born free of original sin and ascended to heaven directly (body and soul) without "death". At which point the rest of the Christian community said "Excuse me?!"

Supposedly the two sides (those that said "Excuse me?!" and those that just nodded their heads saying "Yep, that's the way it happened... get er Done! ".) reached an accord. Apparently the Catholics are right and the groups are putting together an 81 page booklet which they took 5 years in writing.

Sometimes I think the real test of faith is putting up with things like this on Earth, and not loosing your faith in God because of it. I wonder if they really feel that such dogmas make better Christians? Or if they are just creating dogmas and "proofs" for those dogmas. Do they believe that now that it is settled, now that we are all in agreement that Mary rose to heaven directly and was born without original sin, that my faith is stronger? or my life is better? or my relationship with the creator is something more than it was before this pamphlet was created?

I often wonder how many souls were truly in love with their creator until they read dogmas like this and now wander the earth searching for something to tell them "its okay, you can still love God and not swallow that?"

Greasemonkey ?

Greasemonkey is a revolutionary Firefox extension that many feel has enormous implications for the future evolution of the web. By making it easy to write client-side scripts that modify webpages as you surf, it shifts the balance of power from content creators to content consumers. Since its inception, it has given rise to an impressive array of scripts for everything from enhancing Gmail with one-click delete functionality to preventing Hotmail from spawning new windows when you click on external links. In recent Greasemonkey news, Mark Pilgrim just published a comprehensive primer called 'Dive Into Greasemonkey', a must-read for those who want to try their hand at writing their own scripts. It should be noted that Greasemonkey is not without controversy, but this has done nothing to reduce its popularity among web programmers. Even Opera has jumped on the bandwagon with their own version of user scripts.

Of course there are those that don't like anything that doesn't cost money and isn't certified by Mirco$oft. (,7211,36708,00.html ) for example suggests that Grease monkey will be nothing but a pain in the arse for your system administrators, but won't tell you why until you pay $50.00. (go figure).