Friday, March 25

Image:Spore print sheet.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Image:Spore print sheet.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Image:Spore print sheet.jpg"

Spore print - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Spore print - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "The spore print of a mushroom is an important diagnostic character in most handbooks for identifying mushrooms."

Tuesday, March 1

Is Firefox running out of steam? - the original daily p2p and digital media news site News:- Firefox is way ahead of the hounds and making steady inroads into Microsoft’s market share.

But not surprisingly, the pace is slackening off with its market share growing just 15% in the five weeks leading up to February 18. In the six weeks prior, it grew at 22%.

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I think that they are a bit dramatic here. And dramatic crap is definitly going to be a problem some day. Really it is pretty simple, the percentage of people that really detest having to use a microsoft browser has already moved over, such as myself. Now we are making dents in people that wouldn't normally care at all, one way or another about what they use, as long as it works. The next step are those that actully like Microsoft. (gag)