Monday, February 14

Scarred Lands :: :: Dungeons and Dragons

Scarred Lands :: :: Dungeons and Dragons: "Sorlaya's reputation proceeds her just about everywhere these days. In her duty she is unrelenting, as a hunter she attracts even the attention of Tanil, and with a bow, she is death. All of these make great stories, such as the time she scored a critical hit against a wizard nearly a half mile away, and the time she tracked her foes across bare stone. But probably the most dramatic tale, and the one talked about most often in Freeport, was when she came up on several cultist ambushing Mac Anu. One of their clerics hit her full force with a Flame Strike, doing massive damage to the she-elf. Many would have perished in such an attack. When the column of flame dissipated, Sorlaya stood there, arrow still drawn, adjusted her aim, and killed the cultist she was aiming at prior to the Flame Strike, and then proceeded to take down the rest in her field of vision."

Got Sorlaya's page done, but still need to write a few stories for her. Checked the search on Google for and we are barely showing up. I guess that shouldn't matter much right now, since I don't even have the site completed yet. Still it would be nice to be listed on a search for "scarn"


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