Monday, February 14

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"Abraham Lincoln:

The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time."

We were talking today about expectations, and the real correlation between expectations and resentments and our general view on life in general. Expectations, being resentments under construction, and that sort of thing. I believe that the conversation started with the difference between expectations and demands, but since most of my expectations are unspoken demands, then the difference didn't mean much to me.

One of the points made, or rather something that came up, was a guy who was thinking about his child's birth, and how he didn't have any expectations, he was just full of fear. I wondered then, as I do now, if we do not use our expectations as a means to control our own fear. Fear of the unknown for example... since expectation are what we are trying to precieve about something that is going to happen sometime in the future. Anyway, I plan on meditating on this topic for a while and writing something up on it.


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