Thursday, February 24 :: View topic - Wisdom of Terry Pratchett :: View topic - Wisdom of Terry Pratchett: "'Why don't we just invite them to dinner and massacare them when they're drunk?'
'You heard the man, there's 7000 of them'
' it would have to be something simple with pasta then?' "

well that was interesting... and sort of proved my point.. I shouldn't be posting things to this in the morning. :-/

But really, I don't have much to say first thing in the morning.. nothing is going on.. except perhaps the mental jungle of thoughts as I try to plan out what it is I'm going to try to accomlish... which for the most part, never happens that way. I sort of have this reverse to-do list thing going on... If I'm positive i deffinitly don't want to do something, I should put it on my list of things I'm going to do. Because once it is on that list, it never gets done.

Wednesday, February 16 Forum :: View topic - Rose Online Forum :: View topic - Rose Online: "

MMORPG thats free. Pretty fun but it required a 150 meg download and ask for some personal information (Adress, Phone #) to sign up. Zack and I have it and its pretty fun. Pretty good graphics and good gameplay."

Check it out, and let me know what you think of the place.

Monday, February 14

Expectations Quotes | Expectations Quotations | Expectations Sayings | Wisdom Quotes

"Abraham Lincoln:

The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time."

We were talking today about expectations, and the real correlation between expectations and resentments and our general view on life in general. Expectations, being resentments under construction, and that sort of thing. I believe that the conversation started with the difference between expectations and demands, but since most of my expectations are unspoken demands, then the difference didn't mean much to me.

One of the points made, or rather something that came up, was a guy who was thinking about his child's birth, and how he didn't have any expectations, he was just full of fear. I wondered then, as I do now, if we do not use our expectations as a means to control our own fear. Fear of the unknown for example... since expectation are what we are trying to precieve about something that is going to happen sometime in the future. Anyway, I plan on meditating on this topic for a while and writing something up on it.

Scarred Lands :: :: Dungeons and Dragons

Scarred Lands :: :: Dungeons and Dragons: "Sorlaya's reputation proceeds her just about everywhere these days. In her duty she is unrelenting, as a hunter she attracts even the attention of Tanil, and with a bow, she is death. All of these make great stories, such as the time she scored a critical hit against a wizard nearly a half mile away, and the time she tracked her foes across bare stone. But probably the most dramatic tale, and the one talked about most often in Freeport, was when she came up on several cultist ambushing Mac Anu. One of their clerics hit her full force with a Flame Strike, doing massive damage to the she-elf. Many would have perished in such an attack. When the column of flame dissipated, Sorlaya stood there, arrow still drawn, adjusted her aim, and killed the cultist she was aiming at prior to the Flame Strike, and then proceeded to take down the rest in her field of vision."

Got Sorlaya's page done, but still need to write a few stories for her. Checked the search on Google for and we are barely showing up. I guess that shouldn't matter much right now, since I don't even have the site completed yet. Still it would be nice to be listed on a search for "scarn"

Friday, February 4

Google Answers: Google Answers

Google Answers: Google Answers: "Why is Google Answers so BRILLIANT - the researchers answers are always spot-on and the comments made by people are always fascinating. It is like having one's own private research faculty!"

It is nice to wake up and see things like this. Really makes my day.

Guess I better get out of bed, take a shower and start being "spot on" Forum :: View topic - Call of Cthulhu Survival Tips Forum :: View topic - Call of Cthulhu Survival Tips: "Curiosity did not kill the cat. Some unspeakable horror did. Not only that, it also turned the cat inside out, had pseudo pods grow from every orifice imaginable, gave it a taste for human blood and made it six times larger than before. Now the cat is coming for you. "

I wonder sometime when it is best to keep my mouth shut and when to open it, and perhaps enlighten some people before then fall off a cliff of their own creation. Seeing that I'm not really that bright in the social aspects of life, it is quite possible that I should keep my mouth shut more and more often.