Wednesday, December 8

Elaine and Mangus part 2

She returned to her room, after the normal meeting time, and raised the silence spell as soon as Mangus was inside.

"Okay, down to business. I need you, as secretly as you can, but without any of our contacts or resources, to make arrangments for us to leave Mithril, with Naiil and MacAnu. We will be going to Tera Avil, to meet with Elves there and then down to Burok Torn. I will be a messanger for my father. An Emessary."

"Really?" He said, a little disappointed.

"What's wrong." She asked.

"Well, it is just that he didn't mention it to me, and I thought I had gained a level of trust with him, is all. But he is elf, and so I shouldn't be so disappointed." He said.

She smiled and put her hand on his chest, looking up into his gray eyes, "Silly bear, he doesn't know anything about it. The Walkers want to see who, and where makes arrangements for my arriavale in these places, and what arrangments are made and how well I am being watched. We will be going down to Mullis town for a few days and coming back here." She finished, and walked to the wine crystals and poured herself a drink.

"Which reminds me," She said, handing him a glass, "How did you know there was poison in that glass of wine? Did I do it wrong, was there some on the rim? Did it have an odor?"

He seemed lost in thought for a moment, "What? Oh, no you did it fine, perfectly really. Very smooth, no taint to speak of. No it was my ring here, it gives me a small tingle when it is near poison of any kind."

"Oh," she said, disappointed. "They make those?"

"Yes, very popular where I come from, as poisoning is the normal method of advancement in the military. At least in the officer ranks, the soilders generally dual for possitions of any importance." He answered.

"So why the ring then, you were a Sargent?"

"Yes, that's true, but sometimes the Sargents are targeted by the officers, as someone who might be after an officer's seat. And they use poison." He said.

"So this army you are from is constantly at war with others and themselves?" She asked.

"Usally one or the other, it is considered bad form to mix the two." He said, sipping his wine.

"Ah, bad form." She said. She supposed she couldn't judge really, after all, her flock spoke of doing things like poisoning all the time, and she herself was instructed to poison him if he didn't keep his vow and stay with her. Did they know about the ring as well? Was that the true test? To see how he would react to that? She suddered a little. Maybe it was a test for her, to see if she could really do it. Layers over layers, sometimes to cover the real, and sometimes just to make layers.


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