Monday, November 29

Getting things back up and running

The new website for my Scarn and Santee Dragons writings is at I feel a bit lucky in finding that URL open for this. The URL, is overkill for what I’ll be using it for, but what the heck, it is mine now. Perhaps I’ll use it for something more than just the Dragons group adventure notes.

On I’ve decided to move my profile to the writers area, rather than the technical area. This is really my first step to returning to what I really love, and that is writing, not programming. Although adept at building code for websites and coming up with answers to near impossible situations, I’ve never really enjoyed the work. I did it because I was good at it, and it paid for my life and my son’s life. But now that Terron is approaching 18 I would very much like to return to what I’m good at, and what I love, and that is writing.

Personally I really don’t care what it is that I write; any topic is fine with me, and there are very few things I cannot find enough information about through research, which would limit my ability to function as a working writer. Any writer dreams of the novel or perhaps the thesis that she will pen to change the world or make it a better place, and that dream lives with me as well. But, writing is something you only get good at by doing.

My work on Google Answers is a good basis for reference and experience, and this area will serve as a great place to post my daily thoughts, and get in the 5000 word total per day, when I have no other place to post those words. I use to use the 5k a day rule a few years back when I tried to make it as a free lance fiction writer. It was an ill conceived plan at best with very little in the way of resource or stability, but for 2 years I did make it as a freelance writer. Starving artist would be a better description of the job I held, but be that as it may, I did survive. With the resources available now, which were certainly not available then, I feel my success will be much more adequate to my current living habits. And, after all, I can always take on a small programming project if I wish to add to the monthly coffers.


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