Monday, November 29

Getting things back up and running

The new website for my Scarn and Santee Dragons writings is at I feel a bit lucky in finding that URL open for this. The URL, is overkill for what I’ll be using it for, but what the heck, it is mine now. Perhaps I’ll use it for something more than just the Dragons group adventure notes.

On I’ve decided to move my profile to the writers area, rather than the technical area. This is really my first step to returning to what I really love, and that is writing, not programming. Although adept at building code for websites and coming up with answers to near impossible situations, I’ve never really enjoyed the work. I did it because I was good at it, and it paid for my life and my son’s life. But now that Terron is approaching 18 I would very much like to return to what I’m good at, and what I love, and that is writing.

Personally I really don’t care what it is that I write; any topic is fine with me, and there are very few things I cannot find enough information about through research, which would limit my ability to function as a working writer. Any writer dreams of the novel or perhaps the thesis that she will pen to change the world or make it a better place, and that dream lives with me as well. But, writing is something you only get good at by doing.

My work on Google Answers is a good basis for reference and experience, and this area will serve as a great place to post my daily thoughts, and get in the 5000 word total per day, when I have no other place to post those words. I use to use the 5k a day rule a few years back when I tried to make it as a free lance fiction writer. It was an ill conceived plan at best with very little in the way of resource or stability, but for 2 years I did make it as a freelance writer. Starving artist would be a better description of the job I held, but be that as it may, I did survive. With the resources available now, which were certainly not available then, I feel my success will be much more adequate to my current living habits. And, after all, I can always take on a small programming project if I wish to add to the monthly coffers.

Monday, November 22

Last Day Out


One valuable export, produced exclusively in Hollowfaust, is a textile called "coldweave." Manufacturers produce this heavy, dark cloth by interweaving goat's wool and maidenshair fibers and treating the blend with chemicals distilled by the Guilds' apprentices. Through this process, the cloth gains a unique property: it remains slightly cooler than its surroundings, although never uncomfortably so. Further, coldweave and any garment crafted from it dampen heat above a certain temperature. A person wearing a heavy coldweave coat could walk comfortably across a desert, provided he had adequate provisions. Obviously, coldweave garments do nothing to keep people warm in chilly environments.

Hollowfaust's necromancers require coldweave vestments as insulation and protection when conducting their experiments. As their work exposes them to the desert sun, takes place in volcanic chambers or results in heat backlash from arcane spellcasting, necromancers constantly run the risk of heatstroke. (Some rumors even suggest that certain less "well-preserved" necromancers require heavy clothes for "concealment" purposes.) Although coldweave is too expensive for the peasants, many warriors working in warm climates find it a

A coldweave outfit protects its wearer from the adverse effects of extreme heat (up to 180 degrees or so). A full outfit also adds a +1 resistance bonus to any saving throws made against heat or fire attacks. It does not count as warm clothing for purposes of resisting cold, however. Coldweave is not fireproof, but resists burning about as well as wet wool.

Curfew Tokens

The most important mark of Hollowfaust citizenship is the curfew token. Hollowfaust's streets are among the safest in all of Ghelspad, due to the city's roving undead patrols. While these creatures terrify visitors, they provide comfort and security to the city's inhabitants.

Each citizen of Hollowfaust is issued a numbered copper token. Per their instructions, undead patrols cannot harm anyone bearing such a token, and all citizens are required to wear their tokens in plain sight when walking the streets after dark. The patrols capture anyone caught without such a token and take him to the Blackshields. Those pedestrians who resist arrest may encounter a deadly response.

The Guilds manufacture the curfew tokens, so the undead patrols, while mindless, are usually capable of recognizing counterfeit tokens. Fake tokens capable of fooling the patrols can only be manufactured by using magic, and anyone convicted of creating or carrying such a token may face final forfeiture.

Begin the day

Fesoj finds that the presence of so many undead in such a close area is simply too much for him without a great deal of meditation first. He tells the rest of you that he will be back perhaps in a few days, and leaves the city after you meal, and heads out into the wilderness, using his skills to find a 'safe' place to meditate.

Fesoj finds that he has to travel several miles westward, before the 'feel' of the undead is far enough away to gather his thoughts, and under the boughs of a tree, he begins his meditation. A stone circle, called the Lunar Mound, located on the Hornsaw Forest's western fringe is where Fesoj has finally found peace, a very sacred grove in this forest of blood tainted horrors.

Understanding this feeling from Fesoj the rest of you get your rooms, and sell your wagon of silks, gaining a profit of 25%. The meals of fresh fruit and light wines and goat cheese are very refreshing, and Hollow Faust feels like it would be a fantasic city to live in, if you just weren't back from hell.

The thoughts of undead in the city however are quickly subdude by the presence of so many happy, living citizens. Most people in Hollow Faust are carefree for the most part. There are no homeless, no starving, no needy. Public health and the lack of constant war has kept these people safe, sane (for the most part) and healthy in just about all respects.

The city is fantaistic. Towers of white marble, crystal and stained glass pierce the blue sky. Several aquaducts wind their way through the city, which have been landscaped to look like small flowing rivers, with grass, flowers and herbs lining walkways. In the sunlight Hollow Faust is amazing on just about any level of value.

Later, you are sure that Elaine is going to break the curfew. After all, it is almost devine mandate that she explore the shadow world of any place she is at. As is her custom, she took a nap after your lunch meal and then rose to meditate and pray after durning the twilight hour. You know that her prowling hours are between 10 and 4 in the morning, when she returns to pray and meditate before twilight once again becomes full dawn.

In an effort for a pre-emtive strike, to keep her in at least the first night before you are able to at least talk to

Visions to the Druid

A forest, burning. Some new power in the fire storm, shadows, terrible shapes with teeth and claws dance in the flames. Vera-Trean Elves fighting in the flames with these shapes die from teeth, claw, and flame. Ents, even with their tremedous power, burn and are torn apart.

A dark hand, in a room of tapastries and velet, shaped like a claw over a gem, a dark diamond. It glows with blue flames as the owner of the hand chants archane words. The words become the flames far away, coming from dark battle mages. And the flames grow shadow demons.

New shadows, take the gem, the owner of the hand is enraged and gives chase, but the flames die, and the demons in the flames are killed by the Vera-Trean elves.